STEADFAST – Margaret Walters

Steadfast CD ArtworkSteadfast CD inside coverAn album of unaccompanied folk songs, mostly unfamiliar gems from Australia and England, some with harmonies. Margaret’s preference is for strong narratives and exquisite melodies. There’s variety in the style and subject of the songs, so here you have a clarion call for peace and social justice, a tender lullaby, lively and poignant folk tales, a plea for Mother Earth, a rousing work song from the yardarm, the experience of women in colonial times, and an up-yours from a feisty lass. (Track notes) (Reviews)

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1 GANG BY ME Traditional 3:03
3 THE GYPSY POACHER Bob Davenport 2:33
4 MANNUM AND THE DRUM Wendy Joseph 3:30
5 THE GOBLIN’S RIDDLE Bernard Parry 3:15
6 ROSEMARIE Anne Lister 5:13
7 THE COLONIAL WIDOW Trad, arr Margaret Walters 3:18
8 THE COLOUR Thomas Hardy/Robin Milford 2:45
10 FOUR MINUTE WARNING Peggy Seeger and Judy Small 3:54
11 BUSH LULLABY Louis Esson/Chris Kempster 2.24
12 THE HUNGRY MILE Ernest Antony/Peter Parkhill 2:48
13 WILD GOOSE SHANTY Traditional 2:29
14 MACHINES ARE CLOSING IN Paul Spencer 2:37
15 SHALL THERE BE WOMANLY TIMES Frankie Armstrong 3:31

Total: 47:43 minutes © and 2014 – All Rights Reserved

Steadfast … because when I looked at the songs I had selected, I saw there was a thread running through many of them of loyalty – to a loved one, a cause, a class, a memory. And steadfast in another sense, as most of the songs are ones that have clung to me for over 30 years. And – for better or worse – I have been steadfast in my interpretation of these songs, singing as I do day-to-day without instrumental accompaniment. Here are songs about convicts, colonial women, waterside workers, women in war, environmental mayhem, riddles, women surviving broken relationships. Oh, and a sea shanty and a lullaby.

Special thanks to Christina Mimmocchi for her unfailing optimism, her help with the production of this album and for her harmonies on several songs; and to Ben Mansfield for his painstaking work at the mixing desk; and to Ben Walters for the artwork.

I am forever indebted to Frankie Armstrong and the many other singers and song writers whose songs have inspired me over the years. I’m also grateful for support from Christine T, Jenny Fitz, Chris & Prue, Fiona, Katy, Jude and my colleagues in the Roaring Forties.

Margaret Walters –


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