Power in a Song

Power In A SongMargaret’s second solo CD, released in April 2003, contains 14 songs of man’s relationship to himself,  the environment, and his fellow men. CD is now out of print but download below. [Lyrics]

1 Windsong (John Warner)  4:01  Sound Sample  8 Faraway Tom (Dave Goulder)  3:28
2 Trees They Do Grow High (Trad)  5:06  Sound Sample  9 Old Hammerhead (Jez Lowe)  2:57
3 Llewellyn Walking (John Warner)  4:09 10 Maria’s Gone (trad)  3:22
4 Drover’s Sweetheart (Lawson/Kempster) 4:26 11 Van Diemen’s Land (Trad)  5:00
5 Death of Ben Hall (Trad)  4:42 12 Murrumbidgee Water (John Warner)  4:07
6 When McGuiness Gets a Job (Trad)  4:24 13 Ballad of Many Crows (Burke/Warner) 2:40 Sound Sample
7 Largo (John Warner)  3:30 14 Joe Hill (Alfred Hayes/Earl Robinson)  3:26


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