Steadfast CD ArtworkSteadfast (2014) is the name of my latest solo album – the others For the Future and the Past (1990), and Power in a Song (2003) are out of print now but I might investigate making them available electronically. Albums made with John Warner and the Roaring Forties are still available.


Over the years, Margaret has recorded several albums solo, with John Warner and the Roaring Forties. Many of these are now out of print, but they are now all available in mp3 format along with pdfs of the covers, liner notes and song lyrics.

For enquiries about individual songs or CDs,  please contact Margaret. Margaret can accept payment via Paypal through her website,  though it does not currently show an electronic option for purchasing the various titles.

CD downloads of my solo albums are now available on my Bandcamp page.

Here is a description of the various albums:


Steadfast – CD 2014 – Margaret Walters solo – 15 songs – 4 trad – 11 various composers

An album of unaccompanied folk songs, mostly unfamiliar gems from Australia and England, some with harmonies. Margaret’s preference is for strong narratives and exquisite melodies. There’s variety in the style and subject of the songs, so here you have a clarion call for peace and social justice, a tender lullaby, lively and poignant folk tales, a plea for Mother Earth, a rousing work song from the yardarm, the experience of women in colonial times, and an up-yours from a feisty lass.

Power in a Song – CD 2003 – Margaret Walters solo – 14 songs  – 4  by John Warner, 5 by others, 5 trad.

The power of words and music is a vital resource in humanity’s survival – lifting the spirit, unifying the powerless in causes, making and changing relationships, and telling the story of our eternal struggle with ourselves and our environment.

For the Future and the Past  – CD 1990 – Margaret Walters solo – 12 songs

Margaret’s solo album of lesser known Australian folk songs from a variety of sources: the incorrigible convict, Frank the Poet to Henry Lawson, Dorothy Hewett, etc.  All imbued with strength and vigour.


Who Was Here? – CD 1997 – Margaret Walters and John Warner – 15 songs – 10 by John Warner.

Who was here? Their names are on a memorial stone in an obscure coastal town in New Zealand’s south island. Their track is the canal and the railway line; their footprints the rust and ruins of old works, or the lasting brilliance of well-maintained crafts. Not forgetting dinosaurs!.

Pithead in the Fern – CD 1994 – John Warner with Margaret Walters and Taliesin – 17 songs by John Warner.

A documentary in song of the coal mining region of South Gippsland, Victoria – the coming of the railways and farms, the isolation of pioneers, the industrial strife, the plight of the Aboriginals, the effects of civilization on the temperate rain forest region.


(see Yarri of Wiradjuri under Roaring Forties)

The Sea and the Soil – CD 1992/2000 – John Warner solo – 14 songs by John Warner

John’s first solo album with songs about the Australia’s environment, wilderness and city versions; explorers; trades people; horses; bunyips – all from John’s inimitable world view.

Pack o’ Pirates – CD 1998 – John Warner solo – 12 songs by John Warner

John’s solo album – brimming with sensitivity for the world viewed from a child’s perspective. John’s compositions radiate energy and enthusiasm for Sydney Harbour’s tugs, sirens on emergency vehicles, frogs, trains, dinosaurs etc. There’s the response of a child being left in care, and a worker’s fulfilment watching a child learn to walk.


Life of Brine – CD 2008 – The Roaring Forties – 23 songs

Sea shanties and forebitters, many with Australian connections. The language and tunes are rough and raw and bring to life a special era of nautical history.

Shore Leave – CD 1997 – The Roaring Forties – 17 songs

The Roaring Forties take a break from just sea shanties and add songs from British and American sources – gospel, pagan, industrial, humour – all in their “spirited pre-acappellan” wall of sound mode.

Hazard, Hardship and Damned Little Pay – CD 1998 – The Roaring Forties – 23 songs

Traditional sea songs and shanties.


We Made the Steel – CD 2012 – 22 tracks

Celebrating the work and culture of steelworkers in New South Wales based on the experience of Robin Connaughton when he worked in Newcastle and Wollongong. The album is packed with ripping yarns, dry humour, poignant laments and lots of great choruses. It celebrates the abiding pride that workers have in their work in an environment where the bosses regard work as merely a job but the workers turn it into a craft. Robin Connaughton and John Warner are the songwriters and the musical styles range from traditional English and Australian folk genres to country blues, sleazy blues and Queen.

Yarri of Wiradjuri: a song & verse cycle by John Warner – CD 2006 – 15 songs

Recorded with an ensemble including the Roaring Forties, John Derum (narrator), Matthew Doyle (didjeridoo), and others. The songs are linked with bush verse telling the story of an Aboriginal hero who saved the lives of many Europeans when a great flood destroyed the original township of Gundagai in 1852. An amazing story told with powerful lyrics and haunting melodies.


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